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Onna Camp 2019

This year, the Onna team got together for our first annual “Onna Camp” — a company-wide summit to bond as teammates, align on goals, and have lots of fun in the process. From New York and Raleigh to Toulouse and Barcelona, the Onna offices span the globe, and our employee count has nearly doubled since the beginning of this year. Needless to say, getting everyone together in one place is a super special occasion. We knew we had to plan something spectacular, and wow, did our team deliver. Read on as we recap all the details of an unforgettable two days in Barcelona, and check out our video reel at the end.

Day 1

We kicked off camp at the beautiful Espacios Mood, where we excitedly greeted team members in person for the first time. Amongst lots of chatter and introductions, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast to beat the jet lag and gear up for a day full of activities. The next few hours consisted of funny icebreakers like finding the “ying” to our “yang” or “apples” to our “oranges”, brainstorming creative use cases for our platform, and a scavenger hunt around the major landmarks of the city.


Later on, we got the unique opportunity to mingle with our clients and host a Q&A session on the evolution of the legal space, our clients’ experience with Onna, and what they’d like to see us do next. After we closed out our time at Espacios Mood, the team had some free time to explore popular sights in Barcelona. From La Sagrada Familia to La Pedrera, our Onners made the most of their time in the city. We capped off day 1 with a tapas night at Salts Montjuic, where we indulged in amazing food, drink, and unbelievable views of the city lights.


Day 2

The next morning our team headed to Los Tilos for more engaging activities in its sunny outdoor terrace and garden. After fueling up on fruits, pastries, and coffee, we conducted user-generated conversations, where we broke up into groups with each of our clients to talk about everything from the Onna vision to career advice. Our groups walked away with a deeper understanding of the relationship our clients have with the platform as well as rich personal development.

Next up on the agenda were “fun tracks” or a series of different experiences the team could choose from such as Sangria making, graffiti art, yoga, mosaic making, Cava tasting, or a coaching lesson. The team had a blast working on the activities of their choosing, and the finished products from our mosaic and graffiti tracks will make themselves right at home in our new offices. (Check them out below!) We closed out our time at Los Tilos taking polaroids and devouring some fantastic food after a hard day’s work.


We ended Onna Camp on a high note at Gallito for a dinner party by the sea. The entire team, clients, investors, family, and friends, were all in attendance to celebrate. There was even an unexpected display of fireworks over the beach to top it all off! Although it was tough parting ways, we’re so thankful we got the chance to meet, make memories, and celebrate Onna’s success. A special thanks to the minds behind the magic, Mayda & Anna for organizing such a flawless event. We can’t wait for next year!

Check out the full video reel below: