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Popular Use Cases

Data Management

Connect and centralize a myriad of data silos in a single platform. Data is processed, OCR’d and indexed, rendering a searchable environment of your enterprise data.


Conduct eDiscovery collections across emerging platforms, like Slack and Quip, in real-time, and export relevant data to a review platform for further assessment.


Identify relevant data and easily conduct subject access requests. Export and review relevant data quickly.

Our Supported Integrations

Onna integrates with the most widely used platforms, like Slack, to collect and preserve your enterprise data.

With businesses relying more on cloud platforms, executing a sound ESI collection strategy presents an increasingly complex challenge. TLS & Onna partnership ensures you retain robust ESI search and preservation capabilities, while enjoying the efficiencies cloud computing offers.

– Phil Shawe, President and CEO of TransPerfect

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