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Solutions with Onna

Knowledge Management

Centralize search, sharing, and collaboration across data silos like Slack, Quip, Confluence, and more. Build richer search experiences powered with machine learning technologies so you can find what you need quicker.


Defensibly collect from the most popular applications, like Slack, Quip, and more, without the heavy lifting. Leverage the 1st self-service collection platform to start your collections immediately and easily preserve data.


By integrating with the APIs for each supported integration, like Slack and Confluence, Onna makes data available for preservation. Even when users delete or modify files in source, Onna maintains an original, defensible copy.

Information Governance

Level up your information governance strategy with better visibility across your data silos. Know with confidence what data is found across sources like SlackZendesk, JIRA and more. Search with more speed and accuracy with an eDiscovery grade processing engine.

Enterprise Search

Leverage real-time and robust search across your enterprise data with an easy and intuitive central platform. Onna processes data through an extensive processing pipeline, image entity recognition, and metadata extraction, across your enterprise data.


Leave no stone unturned with your privacy policies and regulations. Onna helps organizations centralize disparate silos to easily respond to subject access requests. Protect data with classification and notifications for monitoring your internal compliance policies.

Your Central Command Center

Central Search

Conduct more consistent search across your data silos to find exactly what you need in real-time. 


Defensibly collect data from some of the most popular sources like Slack, Quip, and more. 


Onna connects with the API for each source to gather all available data, including edits and deletions.


Onna is ISO 27001 and SOC 2, Type II certified and adheres to industry’s best practices ensuring data is safe always.

Supported Integrations

Onna integrates with the most widely used platforms, like Slack, to collect and preserve your enterprise data.

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Data Sheet

Managing eDiscovery for Slack data

Check out how Onna’s integration with Slack works and how you can begin preserving and managing Slack data for e-discovery.

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eDiscovery across Emerging Apps

Read our ebook on mastering e-discovery and preservation across emerging apps, like Slack, Quip, Confluence, and more.

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