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    Simplify how you manage data from your digital workplace tools. Onna securely integrates unstructured data from sources like Slack, Google, Microsoft, Confluence, and more. Use Onna to build a robust data foundation and power multiple workflows across your business.

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    Our Data Management Platform

    Onna's Data Management Platform empowers enterprises to extract business value from unstructured data. Standardize, centralize, curate, and manage data from your cloud-based collaboration applications at scale. Companies use Onna to respond to IT and compliance requests, reduce legal review time and costs, and securely connect data to LLMs.

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    We offer a range of solutions on the Onna platform, providing a secure, single source of truth for your organization's disparate data.

    Onna eDiscovery
    eDiscovery Improve legal outcomes by swiftly identifying key information with Onna. Streamline collections, ECA, preservation, and investigations for more effective results. Learn more
    Onna Information Governance
    Information Governance Effectively manage risk and maintain compliance with a growing number of policies and regulations, and prioritize data protection by establishing a centralized repository. Learn more
    AI Data Pipeline (Beta)
    AI Data Pipeline (Beta) Securely connect your digital workplace data to Large Language Models (LLMs) via Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). Learn more


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    Onna defines the space right now, I haven’t really jumped into a tool that works like Onna before.

    Aaron Zander | Head of IT at HackerOne

    By implementing Onna, we cut costs by $50-60k per collection and got access to our data in real-time.

    Wendy Weber | Senior Paralegal at Dropbox


    How HackerOne leverages Onna to empower its IT, legal, and compliance teams

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