Amid rapid growth and increasing operational demands, a major enterprise communications provider turned to Onna to gain control over their unstructured data and streamline their data management and eDiscovery processes.

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    Refining processes to scale more efficiently and make eDiscovery costs predictable

    After tripling its headcount in just two years, the company's agile culture was ready to expand along with it. However, for its lean legal team, scaling operations was not without its challenges. Rising data volumes, a dispersed workforce, and fragmented workflows hampered collaboration both internally and with external parties. 

    What’s more, outsourcing the bulk of their eDiscovery process not only made internal procedures more manual and time-consuming but also significantly increased costs.

    Enter the company’s new Senior Litigation Paralegal, determined to find ways to manage spend and drive efficiency, scalability, and consistency — all while giving the team more control over the process.



    Bringing specialized tools in-house boosts alignment, collaboration, and team productivity

    While exploring potential efficiencies, the company’s Senior Litigation Paralegal discovered that their external vendors were using Onna to assist with their eDiscovery workflows. The company recognized that adopting Onna for in-house use, with its user-friendly interface and collaboration capabilities, would not only streamline their processes but also eliminate the attorney fees incurred on top of the hosting fees.

    “Onna was able to help us grow what we could do internally at a fast pace. In a short amount of time we were able to start collecting, searching, and culling data from multiple data sources.”

    - Senior Litigation Paralegal

    Onna smoothly integrated with the company’s tech stack, making it easier to manage and collect data from platforms like Slack, Zendesk, Jira, and Confluence. Once data is in Onna, extensive processing and rich indexing allow for easy yet comprehensive searching, filtering, tagging, monitoring, and exporting. Additionally, when it comes to sharing, a robust permission system ensures that users can access only the data selected for them.



    Creating immediate impact

    With the entire litigation team now using Onna, all work happens in one place. Onna has eliminated the challenges posed by distributed teams and fragmented workflows. Using workspaces, the litigation team can now efficiently collect, search, organize, and securely share data both within and outside the organization.

    “Onna has transformed our eDiscovery process. Moving more of our workflow in-house has given us the control and flexibility we need to be agile and meet the needs of multiple teams across our business.”

    - Senior Litigation Paralegal

    By collecting and searching data directly within Onna, the team has achieved complete autonomy over their enterprise data. This enables them to share only essential information with external vendors for downstream review, leading to a 2X reduction in eDiscovery expenses.

    Three results shown: 50% less eDiscovery costs, 36% less time on manual tasks, 48% more workflow efficiency.

    Enabling ongoing business agility through strong partnerships and expert support

    Partnerships are essential for maximizing every business engagement. With plans to further invest in developing repeatable and scalable processes, we are reminded that aligning with the right partner can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.

    Since implementing Onna, the company has not only optimized its eDiscovery processes but also realized significant financial and operational benefits. This synergy between specialized tools and internal team efforts has led to a remarkable 50% reduction in eDiscovery costs, a 48% increase in workflow efficiency, and complete control over proprietary data — and this is just the beginning.

    “Our partnership with Onna has been instrumental in driving efficiency and keeping us ahead of the curve. Having touched only a fraction of what Onna is capable of, we're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with this partnership."

    - Senior Litigation Paralegal

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