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    Simplified legal holds

    Reduce the complexity and risk associated with legal holds by managing your processes with an easy-to-use integrated platform.

    Onna simplifies Legal Holds


    The power of Onna brought to Legal Holds

    Onna’s powerful no-code connectors bring complex unstructured data to your fingertips, enabling you to easily manage your legal holds. Quickly assign and notify custodians, place legal holds, and manage those holds without requiring IT.

    Why Onna for Legal Holds

    Respond Quickly

    Respond quickly to reduce risk

    Improve your ability to respond to legal hold requirements related to litigation and investigations with legal hold management and data management together in one application, leading to a reduction of risk associated with difficult and delayed response times.

    Manage Custodians2

    Manage custodians with ease

    Manage, edit, and assign custodians directly to matters, streamlining administrative processes, which leads to enhanced accuracy and reduced risk.

    Notifications made easy1

    Notifications made easy

    Draft, schedule, send, and track notifications all within a single interface, driving prompt communication and seamless information exchange.

    Simple dashboard view-1

    Simple dashboard view

    Utilize a comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools to quickly view all matters, holds, and custodian statuses, ensuring compliance and holistic oversight.

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