Information governance

    Data Archiving

    An active repository for today’s communication, collaboration, and content applications reduces the time and cost of identifying, preserving, collecting, and exporting potentially-relevant data.

    A centralized, search-ready information repository

    Onna enables you to confidently and automatically collect and preserve data from multiple applications for regulatory, investigative, and legal purposes. It processes and indexes the data, making it easy to search and retrieve information quickly. Unlike traditional archiving solutions, Onna gives you complete control over archived data, and exporting necessary information is effortless.

    Identification and collection challenges

    The growing number of modern workplace apps has led to enterprises generating massive amounts of electronically stored information, making it increasingly difficult to identify and retain data for regulatory, investigative, and legal purposes. Traditional archiving solutions offer an expensive and value-limited all-or-nothing approach, exacerbating this problem and rendering them unfit for purpose.

    Why Onna for Data Archiving

    Flexible collections

    Full control of what and when to collect

    Onna provides a centralized, multi-source repository that supports full archives or targeted collections based on people, topics, content types, and more. With Onna, you can take a more proactive approach by ensuring that data is instantly at your fingertips or respond to requirements as they arise by collecting only what is needed.

    HackerOne empowers its IT, legal, and compliance teams with one solution
    Respond faster

    Real-time repository

    Enhance response times and provide legal, HR, and compliance teams with the ability to instantly search a fully indexed and up-to-date repository of data.

    How Dropbox took their data collections from two weeks to real-time
    Reduce risk

    An independent and secure source of data

    Maintaining a separate source of easily searchable and exportable application data helps mitigate the risk of inadvertent deletion or corruption at the source and reduces the risks associated with application consolidation or integration.

    Data retention & preservation in the cloud
    Understand contextual nuances

    A 360-degree view of interactions

    Preserve both data and metadata, including emojis and reactions, track all source edits and deletions, and visualize information in a near-native format to enhance understanding of the meaning of communications and interactions, all while ensuring a defensible record.

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    Simple exports

    Your data, always accessible

    Obtain easy access to your data for downstream processes by creating reports with granularity using file, source, NIST, and other custom fields. You can also save your configurations as templates for future use.

    Reduce time and avoid risk on data exports and migrations

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