On a mission to make homeownership simple and accessible, Better.com is re-inventing the mortgage process as we know it. The company has turned the traditional mortgage experience on its head with streamlined technology, fast pre-approval times, and transparency every step of the way. As a leading home loan provider, keeping tabs on data hygiene and security is paramount to the team. We sat down with Jeff White, Lead SOC Analyst at Better, to chat about his experience onboarding Onna and how his team has leveraged it thus far.

    The challenge

    Like many of today’s tech-forward companies, Better uses communication and collaboration tool Slack to get work done. Although Slack is best-of-breed for team productivity, the platform has its own unique challenges when it comes to data collections and investigations. Due to Slack’s “limited admin interface” and non-traditional ESI, it was difficult for the Better team to gain visibility into its workspace data. As a security professional, Jeff values the ability to provide as much information as possible when asked to conduct an investigation — and Better’s traditional methods weren’t cutting it.

    The solution

    Better decided to implement Onna to conduct more robust investigations in Slack. Onna was able to integrate directly with Better’s Slack environment via API connection and simultaneously process and index its data. Once Better’s Slack data was in Onna and the team was given in-depth training, they were able to easily search across their database to find what they needed.  

    Jeff describes Onna’s interface as user-friendly saying, “I was able to jump right into the platform as if I had been using it for years.” Once the appropriate data integrations were set, the Onna team worked closely with the Better team to make sure they were getting the most out of their experience.

    The results

    With Onna, Better now has a go-to solution to conduct faster, more comprehensive investigations. Whether it be Slack or other enterprise tools, Better can now leverage Onna’s easy-to-use search parameters to find the information the team needs, when they need it. Jeff and his team are streamlining their process even further by setting up custom searches for different use cases. Not only are they able to stay ahead of investigations before they arise, but they’ve also improved their security posture by gaining greater visibility into the enterprise tools in their tech stack. 

    Implementing Onna is a change the Better team has welcomed with open arms. As Jeff notes, “The team’s response to feedback has been great! It shows their commitment to always improving the platform.” This is a commitment we look forward to upholding with more integrations, partnerships, and improvements to come.

    Want to streamline investigations across your enterprise tools? Get in touch to see how Onna can help.

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