Information Governance

    Data Migration

    Onna facilitates the centralization of legacy data into a standardized format, transforming it into a valuable asset. Quickly eradicate silos, cut costs, and improve the availability and quality of your data.

    Extend the usefulness of your data

    Revive the usefulness of your legacy data by migrating it to Onna. Lower costs, boost data availability and security, and enhance data quality by utilizing a standardized format and centralized location with Onna.

    Effective data management

    Centralizing all your data enables you to locate, organize, share, and collaborate more efficiently. AI and machine learning automatically classify and categorize information, simplifying organization and reducing unnecessary data.

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    Why Onna for Data Migration

    Enhance data quality

    Enhance your data quality by identifying, transforming, and correcting errors, standardizing data formats, and removing duplicate records.

    Reduce costs

    Migrating data can reduce costs by consolidating storage systems, retiring legacy systems, and decreasing the need for manual data entry or updates.

    Improve availability

    Migrating data allows for the transfer of information from one system to another, improving accessibility for users and stakeholders and resulting in increased efficiency.

    Boost security

    Migrating data to a new system allows organizations to leverage the latest security features and technologies to enhance protection of sensitive information.

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