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    Bring all your workplace data together in one easy-to-use platform to streamline eDiscovery collections.

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    Connect directly to your tech stack

    Uncover the complete story of your data with Onna. Our extensive library of no-code connectors and open API for legacy systems enable seamless integration with the apps your team uses most.

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    Why Onna for eDiscovery Collections

    Instant Access
    Respond in real-time

    Instant access to your data 

    Accelerate your response to litigation and investigations with a continuous sync of data from all your required sources, instantly accessible and searchable in real-time. 

    The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) establish a timeframe for parties to "discuss any issues about preserving discoverable information; and develop a proposed discovery plan" under Rule 26(f). This gives legal teams a mere 69 days from the initial complaint to begin framing their litigation strategy. Onna makes it easy to kick off matters without wasting any time.

    How Dropbox took collections from 2 weeks to real-time
    Collect What You Need
    Targeted collections

    Collect only the data you need

    Overcollection often leads to bloated eDiscovery budgets. Onna solves this issue by enabling granular information collection from hard-to-access unstructured cloud sources and preserving it in a near-native format to minimize risks. This includes:

    • Metadata
    • Embedded items
    • Emojis
    • Zip files
    eBook: Finding the needle in the cloud data haystack
    Ultimate defensibility

    Demonstrate full transparency

    Maintain data integrity and establish the defensibility of your collection with a comprehensive audit log of all data collections and user actions. 

    How to build a defensible strategy that mitigates risk
    Parent Child
    Context wins cases

    Maintain parent / child relationships

    Unstructured data from collaboration, communication, and content apps presents a challenge that data sources like email did not.

    Preserving context without clear subject lines or obvious conversation threads is difficult enough. With the addition of emojis, gifs, attachments, reactions, and more, the potential for headaches only increases. Onna preserves the context of communications and reduces review costs by rendering data to mimic the native source, making it easy for users to understand and for machines to enhance data sets with minimal effort. 

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