Quick, reliable, and defensible eDiscovery for today's enterprises

    Improve legal outcomes with Onna. Rapidly pinpoint the most relevant information by streamlining your collections, ECA, preservations, and investigations.

    Cut review costs by 40%

    Today's workplace applications generate massive amounts of unstructured data, which is the most abundant, diverse, and rapidly growing data type to date. This makes reviewing and processing data increasingly complex and resource-intensive.

    At Onna, we help businesses add structure to their unstructured data without any added hassle. Our platform centralizes your company's data in one location, maintaining it in a near-native, human-readable format. This allows you to quickly identify, collect, preserve, and export precisely what you need, when you need it. The outcome? A more targeted dataset for review, reducing both time and costs.

    The unstructured data solution

    A complete picture of your collaboration, communication, and content applications

    An increasing number of new data sources are causing organizational knowledge to become fragmented, and it is growing at an unprecedented rate. Onna allows you to effortlessly gather, analyze, and act on all your data, without requiring IT involvement. By viewing data in context, including attachments, reactions, and metadata, you can gain new insights for your business.

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    Why Onna for eDiscovery

    From advanced search functionality to no-code connectors, here is why corporate legal and IT teams choose Onna.

    Reduce data volumes

    Save downstream review costs

    Export only what's essential. Onna collects data from multiple sources, receives federated searches, and applies advanced machine learning to enrich the data for more effective early case assessments. This produces a more targeted and valuable dataset for review, resulting in a faster and more cost-effective review cycle.

    Don’t miss a thing

    Defensible collections provide peace of mind

    To minimize legal risks, forensically collect all relevant data and metadata from the original source, extract all embedded links and attachments, and preserve files in a near-native format. Keeping a comprehensive audit log provides greater defensibility.

    Consistent collections

    Broad out-of-the box connector library

    Instantly collect data from popular cloud applications with pre-built and ready-to-use connectors that can capture traditionally harder-to-collect unstructured sources like Slack, Teams, and Zendesk. 

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    Extensible platform

    Open API for optimum flexibility

    Integrate with virtually any application to consolidate all your data in one platform, and then search and export, or create custom applications and workflows to streamline your eDiscovery processes.

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    Rapid time to value

    Save time and cost. Fast.

    Onna is designed to work seamlessly in the cloud, allowing you to get started within hours, not days or months, and experience the quick return on investment that our customers have seen by improving their eDiscovery processes.

    Key capabilities


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