Make sure your data is review and production-ready by extracting all relevant information and cleaning the eDiscovery findings before exporting.

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    Why Onna for Processing

    Reliable data processing

    Onna brings reliable data processing to eDiscovery by integrating it into the data collection and early case assessment process. This means you don't have to transfer your data to another software application for processing and preparation, which reduces risk and improves results reliability.

    Prepare collected ESI for review

    The backbone of all eDiscovery is Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Onna processes the data that you have identified quickly and effectively as you prepare for the review process.

    Extract metadata

    A wealth of valuable information known as metadata lies hidden within visible data. This metadata provides information and insight into the visible data, which Onna extracts and makes usable as part of the review process.

    Convert file formats

    In order for the review process to begin, some file formats need to be converted to a more standard format. This process may involve OCR or extracting zip files, which makes the data available for AI and machine learning.

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