Proactively prepare your data for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and review. Onna collects data from disparate sources across your complete digital workplace, parses and indexes the data, and makes it available to internal and external legal teams.

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    Uncover the complete story of your data with Onna. Use our extensive library of no-code connectors and our flexible open-API for unique and legacy systems. Seamlessly integrate with the apps your team uses and centralize the data into a single platform.

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    Why Onna for Processing

    Reliable data processing

    Onna protects chain of custody and data integrity by combining collection and processing into a single, automated system. You don't need to transfer your ESI to another processing application after collection, which reduces risk and improves reliability.

    Extract metadata

    Information analysis, whether for your initial case assessment or for downstream review, relies heavily on metadata (the data about the data). Rooted in innovation, Onna consistently leads the industry in processing and extracting metadata from communication, collaboration, and content tools, including Slack and Google. We accurately extract all necessary metadata from the cloud-based apps your team uses daily.

    Manage difficult file types

    Two types of files can pose challenges for legacy processing engines: compressed and non-text files. To make them available for processing, Onna extracts all individual documents from within compressed files (such as zip and 7zip) and performs OCR on image files to turn them into text files. You can be assured that all the information in your files is processed and available for downstream tasks.

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