Information Governance

    Reduce your risks by ensuring data compliance with ever-growing policies and regulations, and safeguard your data by creating a centralized repository.

    Harness information & stay ahead of the governance curve

    High-value information is scattered throughout your organization, making it difficult to govern your data. Onna supports your information governance strategy with a holistic, scalable, and adaptable approach to managing and protecting data, while providing quick access to authorized users.

    Why Onna for Information Governance

    Manage retention policies

    Maintain consistent governance

    Onna extracts insights from multiple sources by enforcing consistent governance policies, automatically applying retention policies to past and future content, and allowing custom policies per source for balanced retention.

    Customizable data retention policy template
    Defensible archiving

    Ensure an accurate record

    API-based connections to modern business applications enable the extraction and preservation of both data and metadata, including any edits, deletions, and audit logs for complete defensibility.

    Unstructured data and the EDRM: Building a defensible strategy that mitigates risk
    Data classification

    Know your data

    Instantly locate critical information from any location using machine learning capabilities that automatically identify and tag common file types, including passports, driver's licenses, Social Security numbers, and contracts.

    The cloud data conundrum: How to maximize value and minimize risk
    Preservation retention

    Preservation retention

    Onna supports your efforts to maintain data compliance with evolving regulations and adhere to mandates such as PCI, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other privacy regulations.

    How to maintain CCPA compliance in the cloud
    Data minimization

    Don't keep what you don't need

    Reduce risks and lower costs by identifying data that falls outside your retention policies, helping you minimize data more effectively.

    Use it, save it, or lose it: Management strategies for information governance
    Instant access

    Always up-to-date information

    Configure your sources to synchronize data continuously to the Onna platform, enabling access to the latest versions of all your information at all times.

    How Dropbox took data collections from 2 weeks to real-time

    Learn more about information governance

    Explore these resources to learn more about information governance.

    Blog What is information governance and why is it so important? Learn more
    eBook Rethinking information governance in the age of unstructured enterprise data Learn more

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