As a leading collaboration platform, Dropbox is on a mission to help teams stay focused, organized, and in sync. Realizing the choppy and disruptive workflows of most productivity tools, the Dropbox team set out to create a more enlightened way of working by designing products that help people and teams focus on the work that matters. 

    Dropbox’s legal team follows the same “less talking, more doing” mindset when it comes to an eDiscovery solution — so when they came to us looking to conduct forensic-level collections, we put our technology to work. After partnering together for over a year, we sat down with Wendy Weber, Senior Paralegal for Employment, Litigation, and eDiscovery at Dropbox, to learn more about her experience using Onna.

    The challenge

    The team at Dropbox first came to Onna with difficulty collecting data from the communication and collaboration environments they used, as well as their own platform, Dropbox. To collect and process data from these sources, Wendy and her team had no choice but to outsource the work, costing them up to $50-60k per collection and waiting anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on the size of the dataset. Not only were they dealing with a slow and inefficient process, but they often overspent on processing fees as they had little opportunity to exclude unnecessary content from their collections. As Dropbox grew and adopted more cloud-based tools, their team knew their old methods couldn’t keep up.

    The solution

    Dropbox connected their communication and collaboration tools’ environments to Onna where data was quickly collected and processed. With their data at their fingertips, they could find the data they needed in real-time. Their team was also able to leverage Onna’s workspaces to organize information and get it to their outside counsel quicker than ever before. Wendy notes the platform’s intuitive nature saying, “It’s been really easy to implement and the Onna team is always responsive and more than willing to help.” 

    The Dropbox team was also able to capture and preserve the data they needed by implementing legal hold across the tools they use. Wendy says her experience implementing Onna’s legal hold was especially easy, “We don’t have to wonder what Slack’s data retention looks like, because we know what we need will already be in Onna.” By integrating their Slack and Dropbox environments with Onna, Dropbox was able to find a streamlined, cost-effective way to conduct eDiscovery and so much more. “If you’re investing in a platform like Onna, with 30+ integrations, they’re going to provide major value as you expand your tech stack.” 

    The results

    In order to collect and process data before even using search terms, it cost Dropbox up to $50-60k and would take up to 2 weeks to a month depending on the size of the dataset. Now, Dropbox has access to all of their data in real-time, drastically cutting processing costs and allowing them to filter through data in a forensic way. Wendy highlights the control and benefits Onna has given both her team as well as her IT team, “It’s really a night and day difference in how quickly we can react, how agile we can be when collecting data, and not having to rely on other folks in the company who obviously have their own day jobs.”

    Beyond Onna’s technical capabilities, Wendy says the Onna team is extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with. “The team’s customer service is spot on and they do a great job of listening to feedback and actually implementing it. I’ve suggested small improvements to their platform and in two weeks the changes had already been made. Navigating legal requirements can be difficult, but Onna simplifies the process and is a delight to work with.”

    Ready for streamlined, cost-effective data collections? Get in touch here.

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