Early Case Assessment

    Assess your risk through seamless Early Case Assessment and quickly find the needle in the data haystack.

    Onna simplifies Early Case Assessment

    Icons of apps Onna connects with

    Connect directly to your tech stack

    Uncover the complete story of your data with Onna. Our extensive library of no-code connectors and open API for legacy systems enable seamless integration with the apps your team uses most.

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    Why Onna for Early Case Assessment

    Faster case assessment

    Real-time, search-ready data

    Expedite early case assessment with immediate access to a continual sync of real-time, fully indexed, and searchable data for quicker insights and decision-making.

    Early case assessment for the cloud
    Lower review costs

    Quickly identify what’s relevant

    Identify key data sources and relevant custodians, zero in on specific date ranges, and determine key search terms to unlock the knowledge in your data. This leads to a faster and lower-cost review cycle, and a clear understanding of the issue at hand.

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    Contextual advantage

    Have an edge in your case strategy

    Uncover the true meaning of messages and conversations being searched and assessed with near-native visualization, which includes:

    • Emojis
    • Reactions
    • Participants (including inactive chat/channel members)
    • Attachments and their metadata
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    Rapid time-to-value

    Connect to the apps you use most

    With robust connectors to key platforms, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, and Zendesk, you can quickly collect, search, and review data from specific users and files by date range and file type.

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