As widespread remote work took hold in early 2020, Slack’s concurrent users jumped from 10M to 12.5M in a matter of weeks. Now, nearly three years later, almost 20M people rely on Slack to get work done efficiently — whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the go.

    From attachments and GIFs to video calls, messaging threads, and even emojis, Slack creates a lot of unstructured data. The more dynamic the data, the harder it is to identify, process, and export in comprehensive formats; and as usage and acceptance of Slack increases, the unstructured data issue also increases.

    In this 60-minute webinar presented by ACEDS, Mark Pike, Senior Legal Director and Product Counsel at Slack, and our Director of Platform Partnerships, Nicole Thompson, share answers to some of the most pressing questions about eDiscovery for Slack.

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    Key takeaways

    Here are some learnings from their conversation:


    • Take a proactive approach. Slack’s popularity hasn’t slowed down, causing Slack data to grow at exponential rates. It’s important to form a game plan for eDiscovery before the time for collection inevitably comes.
    • Get familiar with Slack data. The first steps in forming a proactive eDiscovery plan are understanding the nature of Slack data, your Slack Plan, your data retention settings, and the different options for Slack eDiscovery. 
    • Leverage Slack’s Discovery API. Your eDiscovery solution should be able to directly connect to Slack’s Discovery API. It should also give you the power to choose what Slack data you collect and preserve, and be able to turn incomprehensible JSON files into contextual information. 

    Ready to get a handle on Slack data for eDiscovery? Onna takes the guesswork out of the situation by creating a repeatable, defensible method of collection that you can rely on.

    Read more about our Slack eDiscovery solution here

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