Collect from entire Slack workspaces, specific user accounts, channels, and private/multiparty chats.

    About this connector

    Slack is a messaging platform designed specifically for workplace communication. Onna connects directly with Slack's Discovery API to collect all data and metadata from entire Slack workspaces and individual accounts in native format. Additionally, you can also upload Slack JSON files directly to Onna.

    With Onna + Slack connector, you can:

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    Connect out-of-the-box

    Leverage a no-code, simple UI that helps you get started quickly and easily without needing IT resources.

    Slack Custom Connection

    Customize to your needs

    Store and delete modified messages, set automated retention settings and legal holds, entirely or partially archive Slack Enterprise accounts, and collect account snapshots.

    Group 35

    Work faster

    Utilize federated search to surface specific content (including Unicode) from all or select workspaces, user accounts, public and private channels, direct messages, and group DMs.

    Group 34-1

    Capture context

    Collect and visualize file and message data, including edits, deletions, audio/video clips, canvases, huddles, GIFs, Slack emojis, and custom emoji reactions.

    How Onna works with Slack APIs and exports


    Standard API

    Discovery API

    JSON exports


    Standard API

    Discovery API

    JSON exports

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