For the second year in a row, the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards have recognized Onna as a top solution in the legal technology space. This year, we’ve been named eDiscovery Innovation of the Year and we couldn’t be more proud.

    In the age of a booming SaaS market and rapid adoption of cloud applications, digital transformation is changing the way we find, exchange, and use information. As companies race to gain control of their data, we recognize this is not just a legal tech problem — it’s an everyone problem. But we believe eDiscovery can be the catalyst for strong information governance that can extend benefits beyond just the legal department, to the business at large.

    Onna was built with this broader knowledge fragmentation issue in mind. Our platform provides users with a centralized, searchable repository that connects to all of today’s most popular cloud applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more, to help you pinpoint the information you need quickly and accurately.

    Although our product is powerful, our interface is simple — because we believe eDiscovery should be an efficient, self-serve process. Our platform connects to modern data sources with complex data types, making traditionally hard-to-reach information comprehensive and defensible for review. 

    We’re honored to be recognized by the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards and look forward to working towards a future where organizational knowledge is less siloed, and more accessible, useful, and private.

    View the full list of winners here.

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