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Zoom is a communications platform that unifies meetings, chat, phone and more on a single platform. Its use has grown dramatically along with the adoption of home and hybrid working, becoming synonymous with how individuals and teams stay connected virtually.

Onna eDiscovery enables the rapid identification, defensible collection, preservation, search and visualization of data from Zoom and other popular cloud applications in one centralized platform.

Onna uses the Zoom API to collect data including:

  • Meetings (incl. topic, meeting ID, participants, date, time
    • Audio and video recordings of meetings
    • Meeting transcripts (requires Zoom Business or Enterprise license)
    • In-meeting group chat
  • Zoom chat messages (out of meetings) including one-to-one, group and channels messages
    • Messages, files, images, code snippets, emojis
    • Silent / inactive custodians (present but do not contribute)

Onna’s connector for Zoom enables you to:

  • Select users from a list or import users from a CSV
  • Search for and surface specific content in meeting recordings and transcripts
  • Collect and visualize past and all future chat messages, including edits and deletions
  • Perform granular collections to include only specific content needed including users, chats, channels (public / private)
  • Collect custodian data of users who are part of but do not participate in a chat
  • Perform case-specific collections, auto sync, and archive Zoom data
Zoom App Screenshot
Figure 1: Zoom meeting data in Onna
Zoom App Screenshot
Figure 2: Zoom chat in Onna including edits and deletions.

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