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Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 family of products, is a chat-based workspace that combines instant messaging, voice, video, calling, and file-sharing. Enabling users to be more productive from anywhere, its use has skyrocketed driven by the growth in remote and home working.

Onna eDiscovery enables the rapid identification, defensible collection, preservation, and searching of data from Microsoft and other popular cloud applications in one centralized platform.

Onna uses the Microsoft Teams Export API and Graph API to collect data including:

  • Messages and reactions (emojis) in channels, one-on-one chats, and group chats
  • Team, channel, and chat metadata, such as IDs, names, topics, and members (incl. inactive)
  • Gifs and images
  • Attachments and their metadata

Onna’s connector for Microsoft Teams enables you to:

  • Select users from a list or import users from a csv
  • Collect Chat Messages (1:1, group, channel) from those user accounts (past and future)
  • Collect custodian data of users who are part of but do not participate in a chat
  • Perform case-specific collections, and auto sync Teams data
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