When we set out with the goal of enabling knowledge workers across dispersed enterprise teams to gain control of their data, we didn’t start small. We knew that if we built a solution that worked for the most onerous, meticulous, and urgent use cases, like eDiscovery, we were on to something.

    That’s why we’re thrilled to receive the LegalTech Breakthrough Award for eDiscovery Solution of the Year.

    LegalTech Breakthrough selected our Knowledge Integration Platform for its representation of “a new category of legal tech products that doesn’t just “collect data,” but connects, centralizes, indexes, and processes it — transforming data into accessible, secure, and private knowledge.” 

    Although eDiscovery is typically thought of as a niche legal function, we see it as the jumping-off point for enterprise-readiness across compliance, security, knowledge management, and more. “Successful digital transformation for truly connected businesses is built on reliable data, and Onna is helping clients become connected enterprises with a breakthrough approach to eDiscovery,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of LegalTech Breakthrough.

    Our platform is designed to find the hardest-to-reach information across more than 30 of today’s most popular cloud applications, cutting out the need for third-party help and saving users weeks of waiting time and millions of dollars. Users can find what they need in a single search by filtering keywords, dates, user names, data types, and more, rather than conducting one-off searches in each app’s database.

    We view data as knowledge waiting to be intelligently centralized and processed, meaning a powerful Knowledge Integration Platform has almost limitless use cases. From monitoring for privacy risks to automating collaboration processes, we’re empowering organizations to preserve, archive, secure, and leverage the information they need in one place. We’re delighted that LegalTech Breakthrough recognizes our vision, and we’re feeling excited about the future.

    Check out the full list here to see what companies are paving the way in legal tech.

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