Zoom eDiscovery just got a whole lot easier.

    We’re pleased to announce that Onna can now collect Zoom chats. This means that in addition to Zoom meeting data, our customers can defensibly and efficiently collect chat messages outside of Zoom Meetings, including:

    • One-to-one messages
    • Group messages 
    • Channel messages
    • Any files, images, or emojis shared within Zoom Chat

    Bonus? Onna’s Zoom connector captures this data from all custodians even if they are inactive participants within a channel or group.

    Our expansion into Zoom chats ensures our customers leave no stone unturned when collecting from Zoom. Although most tend to think of Zoom meetings as the primary source of relevant data, more and more teams are taking the conversation to chat, making it yet another source of potential ESI for litigation and investigations.

    As our CEO, Salim Elkhou puts it, “As more conversations and chats happen on Zoom, storing valuable corporate knowledge needs to be easily discoverable.”

    And Zoom is just one of many workplace apps we integrate with. Onna delivers granular data collection, search, assessment, and export capabilities across other collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Workspace, from one powerful yet simple self-service platform. 

    With each enhancement we make, we hope to further empower legal and IT to take a more proactive approach to eDiscovery, and our enhanced Zoom connector is no exception. If you’re curious to learn more about our Zoom connector or Zoom eDiscovery in general, check out the resources below:

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