As the first formalized framework to outline eDiscovery procedures, the EDRM has been a valuable asset to legal teams across the globe since 2005. But in today’s workplace, the static approach fails to address the needs of modern organizations. 

    In 2020, companies are using 129+ applications to power their workforce – resulting in data taking on new formats and accumulating in more hard to reach silos than ever before. This data fragmentation is creating new challenges for eDiscovery, legal hold, archiving, and the need for dynamic preservation and end-to-end processes through automation has never been greater. In this webinar sponsored by ACEDS, featuring industry leaders:

    • Jeanne Somma, Chief Legal Officer and Head of Managed Review at Lineal Services
    • Lauren Doucette, Practice Technology & eDiscovery Project Manager at Sheppard Mullin
    • Scott McVeigh, Industry Principal at Onna

    We discuss the evolution of the EDRM and look ahead to the future. How can we rethink the EDRM to better serve the modern enterprise? 

    In 60 short minutes, we cover: 

    • The strengths and limitations of the traditional EDRM process
    • Benefits of a flexible eDiscovery infrastructure 
    • How legal teams can best transition from a static to a dynamic approach to eDiscovery

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