Zoom: Strategies for seamless and efficient collections

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    This webinar, featuring experts from Zoom and Onna, will delve into Zoom's capabilities and best practices for eDiscovery.

    As remote communication and collaboration continue to be prevalent across many organizations and industries, Zoom remains the leading cloud video communications platform, helping over 470,000 customers stay connected through video, voice, content sharing, and chat.

    Critical conversations and sensitive information are generated within the 'walls' of Zoom, prompting many eDiscovery professionals to pose important questions about their data.

    This webinar will explore:

    • Zoom’s functionality and the different types of data it stores
    • How to use Zoom’s API to collect and archive Zoom data
    • Key considerations for creating a flexible Zoom eDiscovery strategy for your business

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    Aakash Alurkar

    Senior Product Manager, Zoom

    Sam Hoover

    Solutions Architect, Onna

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