eDiscovery and Preservation for Zendesk

Zendesk helps organizations manage their customer support and centralize interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and many other channels. Used by over 300 million end users in 150 countries, Zendesk has become the go-to platform for customer support.

Onna is the most defensible and comprehensive eDiscovery tool to collect and preserve data from Zendesk. By integrating with Zendesk’s API, Onna extracts all related data and metadata from entire Zendesk accounts, including tickets and historical data.

Using Onna with Zendesk

Collect, process, preserve and search across your Zendesk data in real-time. 

Every customer interaction, from a phone call to a chat message, can be stored on Zendesk in the form of a ticket. Users can add videos, images, and document attachments on tickets, which means they can be massive.

Data in Zendesk is ever growing, and by integrating with its API, Onna ensures you collect and preserve all available data and metadata in a defensible and scalable way. Audit logs of all collections and processing activity are included for additional defensibility.

Onna’s Zendesk integration offers unparalleled search and e-discovery features across Zendesk accounts. You can collect open, closed and suspended tickets from an entire account from its creation date or for a specified time range. Attachments are collected in their native format and processed and indexed separately, so they’re responsive to search terms. Attachments are not searchable in Zendesk’s platform, but they can be searched and filtered on Onna.

All collected data, including images, audio and video files, is processed, indexed, and OCR’d instantaneously, rendering a fully searchable environment of your Zendesk data. Relevant data can be exported and uploaded to any review platform for a seamless experience.

Onna can be used to archive entire support accounts.

Main Features

API Based Collections

By connecting with Zendesk’s API, Onna collects all available data and metadata, including historical data, as well as file attachments.

Data Preservation and Legal Hold

Preserve and hold Zendesk data within Onna. In addition to Zendesk, Onna offers preservation across all its integrations, including Slack.

eDiscovery Exports

Export relevant Zendesk data in a custom load file ready to be uploaded onto any review platform for further assessment. Exports include the natives and metadata.

How to Collect from Zendesk with Onna

Zendesk Integration Features

What is collected?

All files are collected, including, but not limited to:

  • Tickets (open, closed, suspended, deleted)
  • Attachments included in tickets
  • Labels for attachments and pages
  • Ancestors for the page/attachments

Historical information and related metadata, including:

  • Ticket ID (#) 
  • Ticket Name 
  • Ticket Type 
  • Organization 
  • Ticket Status 
  • Zendesk Assignee 
  • Zendesk Requester 
  • Group
  • Ticket Priority 
  • List of tags 

What are your sync modes?

We currently support three syncing modes – one-time, archive, and auto.

  • One-time is a one-way sync that collects information only once. You can use our date range picker to sync tickets from a particular time range
  • Archive means that Onna will perform a full sync first and will continuously add any new files generated at the data source. The sync type does not delete files deleted or edited from Zendesk, ensuring you always maintain a preserved and archived copy of your Zendesk data.
  • Auto-sync means that Onna will perform a full sync first and will keep the data source and Onna in mirrored sync. Any deletions from the data source will be deleted in Onna, as well.

Some of our Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Onna deployed?

Onna can be deployed as a SaaS product or in your private cloud. We also integrate with SAML & SSO services, like Okta, GSuite or Active Directory.

How is Zendesk data rendered in Onna?

Zendesk data is rendered in HTML format. Other files, such as attachments, are rendered in their native format.

Does Onna collect attachments?

Yes, attachments and files are collected and maintain the parent-child relationship.

How does Onna work?

Onna connects directly with each source’s API to extract all available metadata and data. After the connection is made, data begins syncing and undergoes a layer of processing and OCRing, rendering a searchable and indexed repository of your data. You can begin searching immediately within Onna or export the relevant files onto a review platform.

How fast can we collect from Zendesk using Onna?

You may start your eDiscovery collection immediately after connecting your Zendesk account with Onna. However, the speed will vary depending on the size of your Zendesk account. Zendesk’s API has rate limits, which will affect the collection speed. To learn more, click here

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