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Mitigate data privacy, security, and operational risks by centralizing and classifying your data from multiple cloud applications so you can accurately find and protect sensitive information and support compliance with regulations including GDPR, CCPA, and PCI.

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The risks of data sprawl

Finding sensitive and personal information across an unprecedented number of communication, collaboration and content apps is harder, more time-consuming and expensive than ever before. Compliance and IT teams must individually analyze each app to find personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, health records, payment information, and more. Not only is this inefficient, but the potential for incomplete results grows as search capabilities for each app differ and are often limited.


Identify sensitive or risky data in real-time

Onna enables you to rapidly identify sensitive information and understand the context around it, so you can take proactive action against misuse or potential breach. Automatically collect, centralize, classify and index your data from multiple applications in one place. Setup alerts or search instantly across all sources at once in order to uncover where potentially risky content is hiding. View the results in native format, export or share internally or with external parties to remediate.

Additional Benefits:

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    Breadth of connectivity

    Connect instantly to the sources that matter using Onna’s pre-built connectors to applications including Slack, Google Drive, Zendesk, Confluence, Teams and Gmail.

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    Instant, consistent search

    Rapidly find what’s needed with proactive monitoring, or search across all your data processed against a consistent data model for fast, accurate and consistent results.

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    Faster investigations

    See and understand the context of detections through more detailed metadata for each match, without having to visit the source application.

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    Images: no problem!

    Detect sensitive information embedded in images of passports, IDs, and more with image object recognition and optical character recognition.

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    Identity-based search

    Find information relating to a specific individual across multiple applications, even if they use different IDs such as email addresses.

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    Built for self-service

    Empower teams with the ability to easily search and view information themselves, without relying on IT or other specialists.

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Knowledge Integration Platform

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