Onna simplifies and expedites preservation through a single action, in one place, across your collaboration, communication, and content apps.

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Identifying all potentially-responsive data for preservation

Organizations are often challenged with managing the hold placement task because it involves many information sources, many custodians, and many files-types for each matter. In addition, preservation is one of the most important steps in the EDRM workflow for two reasons:

  • Preservation directly impacts the volume and cost of relevant data downstream.
  • Failure to adequately preserve can lead to significant financial penalties.


Minimize the cost and risk of preservation in a single-step

Onna overcomes these issues by centralizing the preservation of potentiality-relevant information across the enterprise in one interface. Leverage connectors to many of the top business applications to target, continuously-collect and preserve data from many of the most hard-to-reach information sources - by user, source, date range, file type and more.

Additional Benefits:

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    Reduce risk

    Avoid inadvertent or intentional deletion or editing of key custodial data by preserving in-place across all applications and custodians in a single step.

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    Maintain defensibility

    Even if users delete or modify files in the source systems, Onna will continuously sync the archive to maintain an original, defensible copy.

    Building a defensible strategy that mitigates risk
  • Quote: "We cut costs by$50-60k per collection" -Wendy, Senior Paralegal, Dropbox

    Real-time access

    Continuous data sync reduces the time and cost of preservation and assessment by providing access and the ability to search and review information, in real-time.

    Dropbox took data collections from 2 Weeks to Real-time
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    Targeted collections

    All information from targeted source files is collected at a granular level and preserved in native format, including metadata, embedded items, and .zip files, to reduce risk.

    Hold please: Data retention & preservation in the cloud
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    Audit logs

    Keep a record of your work with a comprehensive audit log of all your data collections and user actions.

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