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Conducting investigations in remote work environments

When a compliance or HR issue arises, getting access to relevant data sources quickly to assess the scope is a must. The increased use of business platforms and their unique processes when it comes to preservation, collection and investigation can create workflow challenges from limited budgets and short timelines. In addition, the risk of inadvertent or deliberate deletion of relevant data increases once an investigation is initiated.


Ready-access across information sources to fill the gaps

Onna overcomes investigation challenges by centralizing the preservation of potentially-responsive information relevant to an investigation in a single action. Leverage connectors to many of the top business applications to target, continuously-collect and preserve data from many of the most hard-to-reach information sources - by user, source, date range, file type and more.

Additional Benefits:

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    Centralized, automated collection

    A single, multi-source archive with connectors to many of the most popular apps increases the efficiency of data targeting, acquisition and review.

    Integrate information silos into a knowledge repository
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    Real-time, search-ready data

    Improve response times with instant access to a real-time, fully indexed and searchable archive for eDiscovery and investigations.

    How dropbox took their data collections from two weeks to real-time
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    Maintain defensibility

    If files are deleted or modified in the source system, Onna will record the changes while maintaining an original, defensible copy. A comprehensive audit log shows all collection and user actions.

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    How dropbox took their data collections from two weeks to real-time

    All information from targeted source files is collected at a granular level and preserved in native format, including metadata, embedded items, and .zip files, to reduce risk.

    Hold please: Data retention & preservation in the cloud

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