Early Case Assessment

Quickly assess the scope of relevant electronically stored information to evaluate risk and case strategy with Onna for early case assessment.

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Struggling with data overload

When a dispute arises, weighing your legal and financial exposure becomes an urgent task. Measuring the scope of information relevant to the issues is an important first step in minimizing the downstream costs and overall risk, but the growing number of collaboration, communication and content apps, and the amount of data they create, make the process difficult.


Simplify early case assessment with Onna

Onna simplifies early case assessment with connectors to the top business applications to rapidly identify what’s relevant—supported by continuous sync and federated search across multiple sources to preserve, collect and review data, all in one place.

Additional Benefits:

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    Real-time, search-ready data

    Expedite assessments with instant access to a real-time, fully indexed and searchable archive for quicker decision-making.

    Keeping up with the cloud: Proactive strategies for early case assessment
  • Quote: "We cut costs by$50-60k per collection" -Wendy, Senior Paralegal, Dropbox

    Reduce the cost of document review

    Identify key data sources and custodians and refine date ranges and search terms to reduce downstream document volume and expense of document review.

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    Contextual understanding

    See the full context of messages and conversations being searched with near-native visualization, including emojis, reactions, participants, and attachments and their metadata.

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    Connectors to the apps you use most

    Robust connectors to key platforms including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, and Zoom mean you can quickly collect, search, and review data from specific users and files by date range and file type.

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