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An active archive for today’s communication, collaboration and content applications. Reduce the time and cost of identifying, preserving, collecting, and exporting potentially-relevant data with a flexible, search-ready archive.

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Identification and collection challenges

It has become increasingly difficult to identify and retain data for regulatory, investigative, and legal purposes, as enterprises generate massive amounts of electronically stored information across the growing number of modern workplace apps. The all-or-nothing approach of traditional archiving solutions compounds this problem and makes them unfit for purpose.


Centralized, search-ready information archive

Onna's Knowledge Integration Platform enables the automatic collection and preservation of cloud app data in a centralized, real-time, search-ready archive. Granular collection settings mean you can collect only what you need, or everything if you choose, reducing cost and risks and making it easier to find what’s needed. Multiple processing engines, including machine learning, transform your data into usable knowledge. Retention policies can be mirrored from the source or set to ensure data is only preserved for as long as required.

Additional Benefits:

Knowledge Integration Platform

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