Streamline Slack data collections for eDiscovery (and more)

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    In this session, we'll cover:
    • How organizations use Slack and compare different subscription plans, including Slack Business, Slack Enterprise Grid, and GovSlack
    • A brief introduction to Onna
    • Effective tips and strategies to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your Slack Discovery API collections using Onna
    • How to export relevant Slack conversations and data in a format suitable for review platforms

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    John Price

    Technical Solutions Manager at Onna

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    John Price

    Technical Solutions Manager at Onna

    John has over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, focusing for the last 15 years on Data Management, Data and Information Governance, Compliance, Privacy, and eDiscovery. He works closely with the partner community as well as large enterprise and strategic customers, aiding in the technical design and planning around the increased complexities cloud applications have introduced.

    John is a published author having authored, coauthored, or provided technical editing for several books from Sybex Press and Wiley Press and blogs both independently and for vendors. He regularly represents Onna at industry events.

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