Uncover critical enterprise information

With Onna eDiscovery, you don't have to choose between the apps you want and the eDiscovery functionality you need. Our Knowledge Integration Platform connects to 30+ of today's most popular apps, helping you find the information you're looking for no matter where it lives. Collect only the information you need to speed up early case assessment, drive down review costs, and save precious time.

Onna enables teams to:

  • Collect messages, files, images, and more in their native formats through API-based integrations
  • Extract rich metadata through simultaneous ML processing and indexing
  • Pinpoint information across 30+ applications from one access point
  • Collaborate with colleagues on findings and export defensible files to any review platform

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How Onna works

  • Early case assessment

    Zero-in on the exact data you need with precise search and advanced processing, including pre-trained content categories, native format viewing, filtering, and tagging.

  • Targeted search

    Automatic data processing and optical character recognition mean you can perform more targeted and complete searches across all of your connected sources.

  • Defensible preservation

    At the click of a button, apply preservation for legal holds across multiple custodians and apps to ensure data is held in Onna, even if removed or deleted from the source.

  • Secure collaboration

    Assign granular user permissions to internal stakeholders, outside counsel, and service providers in real-time to only share what’s relevant.

  • API Based Connections

    Out-of-the-box integrations to 30+ of the most popular cloud apps, ensuring you extract all available data and metadata, and preserve edited and deleted content.

  • Review-ready exports

    View clean, comprehensive data exports, including metadata, in your chosen review platform with customizable export options and files including dat, csv and custom txt files.

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What industry experts are saying

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    “Onna improves our process of collecting and finding enterprise information by 10x.”

    Vikas K. | Product Manager, Internal Apps
  • “Better now has a go-to solution to conduct faster, more comprehensive investigations.”

    Jeff White | Lead SOC Analyst
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    “By implementing Onna, we cut costs by $50-$60k per collection and got access to our data In real-time.”

    Wendy Weber | Senior Paralegal for Employment, Litigation, and eDiscovery, Dropbox

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