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Dramatically reduce time spent collecting and processing data for your discovery projects and power your search across multiple platforms.

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A Plan that Scales

No hosting fees. No user fees. No export fees.

Onna Plans are priced by Connected Source, which is defined as an individual custodian whose data is collected from a single source like Slack, Quip, or Gmail.

Limited trial


Test drive the Onna environment with a 30 day limited trial. No credit card required.

  • API-Based Connections to Slack Enterprise, Slack, Quip, Gmail, and Outlook, as well as the ability to upload files
  • Collect up to 100 MB of data processed
  • Export up to 100 MB
  • Unlimited Onna users
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • eDiscovery grade processing engine
  • Deep dive search & granular collections
  • Online support

Enterprise Discovery

From $900 /source/year

Build a plan for faster collections and one-time discovery projects that scale up to your needs. Quickly search across your favorite apps.

  • All features in free trial

  • Connect up to 100 connected sources

  • 15 GB of data processed per connected source

  • No hosting fees

  • No export fees

  • No user fees


Need additional Onna integrations?

Customize your enterprise plan with additional integrations and functionality for a complete discovery and data management environment.

  • All features in Enterprise Discovery plan

  • More than 100 connected sources

  • More than 1.5 TB of data processed

  • API-Based connections to all of Onna’s integrations

  • Private cloud deployments

  • Custom SLAs


  • Legal hold

  • Smart notifications

  • Custom machine learning models

  • Premium support


How much does Onna cost?

Onna makes pricing easy with Connected Sources. A Connected Source starts at $900 for one user’s data from one source, not exceeding 15GBs of storage. For additional GBs processed, simply add more Connected Sources.

1 Connected sources
15 GB Processed data

Your Price: $0 /year
Average per connected source: $0 /year

For plans over 100 Connected sources, please contact us

A Connected Source equals one connected end-user account within a data source like Slack, Quip, Gmail and more. Each Connected Source includes 15GB of data processed.

How to get started

Start your eDiscovery collections from Slack, Quip, Outlook, Gmail, or more directly online. Check out how to get started with Onna within minutes.


Faster Collections, Smarter Search

Never export a JSON file again. Onna’s suite of tools allow for granular collections across your enterprise data so you can find anything without the heavy lifting.

Granular Collections

Conduct collections across individual users, folders, channels, or filter by dates. Onna gives you the flexibility to collect only what you need.

eDiscovery Processing

Onna automatically processes 1,000+ file types, OCRs and extracts text from images and PDFs. De-duplication and deNISTing is also supported.

eDiscovery Exports

Export native files productions in custom load file (eDiscovery format) to continue your discovery in any major review platform for a seamless experience.


Workspaces are collaborative groups where you can invite internal and external users to share data and work on any type of discovery request in real-time. 

Archive Sync

Preserve and archive data from multiple platforms on one interface. Even if users delete or modify files, you can maintain an original, defensible copy on Onna. 

Audit Logs

Onna maintains a comprehensive audit trail of collection and preservation activities, so you can have a defensible process at all times. 

Multi-Language Recognition

Onna processes and indexes all languages with scripts in unicode, so you can collect and search content in any language, even foreign characters.

Deep Dive Search

Find what you need the first time. Use text modifiers, run proximity searches, or build complex boolean searches for granular and more exact collections.

Auto Sync

Sync future content added to Slack and other sources and set your eDiscovery on cruise control. Onna can automatically add new content. 

Single Sign-On/SAML

Onna offers a Single Sign On (SSO) integration through SAML 2.0 allowing you to leverage your existing user base and authentication mechanism. 

Scalable Architecture

Onna leverages the latest containerization system technologies and orchestrated deployment systems to ensure our platform scales with you.

Global Deployments

With cloud deployment options in Google Cloud Platform or AWS, customers can access our platform anywhere, any time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help? Check out our full FAQ Library

What's Onna’s Enterprise Discovery Plan?

Enterprise Discovery is ideal for customers looking to manage subsets of data or for short term discovery projects. We offer a free 30-day limited trial.

Does Onna offer a free trial?

Yes! Onna offers a free 30 day limited trial. This includes 100 MB of processed data, which is defined as the data uploaded and indexed in Onna. 

What web browser should I use with the Onna Platform?

Onna is optimized for Google Chrome.

What happens if I upgrade my trial to a paid plan?

At the end of your trial period or once your upgrade to your paid subscription, your connected sources will be deleted and your Onna environment will be reset. Trials are intended to orient you to Onna and are not recommended for full production use.

How much will my subscription cost?

Pricing is based on the number of connected sources and the volume of data processed. Use our pricing calculator to find your custom plan’s cost.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes! You can cancel your account anytime. Account Managers can go to the My Plan panel and click “Manage My Plan”. From there you can choose to Cancel Your Account. Please remember that deleting your account will trigger your data and resources to be deleted. For additional questions, please reach out to us at

What is a connected source?

Connected sources are based on connected end-user accounts. One connected data source equals one data source per custodian. For example, if you connect 10 Gmail accounts and 10 Slack users, this counts as 20 connected sources. Learn more about collections work for each connected source here.

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