Onna Platform API

No Onna connector for your data source? No Problem!

The Platform API enables IT and developers to push data from any source directly into Onna.

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Developer-friendly data ingestion

The Platform API enables developers to push data directly into the Onna platform from virtually any data source. You can also customize an ongoing sync between your data source and Onna to suit the needs of your business.

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Bring structure to any data source

The Onna Platform API creates a way to push any data source into Onna, including delivering data for processing capabilities. Once the data is in Onna, we make it viewable, searchable, and actionable for your business needs.

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    Reliably ingest unstructured data

    Collect data rapidly, consistently, and securely

    Today, IT tech stacks have more apps and data than ever to manage. You need a mechanism to get data into Onna in a stable, seamless, and secure way. Let our Platform API do the work.

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    Empower your skilled developers

    Build quickly and confidently with complete developer documentation and help resources

    With every organization’s varied data structures and set of applications, managing this mix can require deep technical skills and plenty of time. Our developer-friendly Platform API conforms to OpenAPI spec, a widely-used industry standard for web-based REST-ful APIs.

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    Calling all data sources

    No limits to what can be ingested and processed

    While Onna connectors represent a variety of sources, they don’t represent every application. The Platform API allows you to rapidly push new and unanticipated data sources into Onna.

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    Maximize use of data

    Once you get data in, you reap the benefits

    The Platform API makes it easy to move all data — regardless of source — into Onna, so that you can benefit from the time savings, structure, and availability we provide. Ingested data also integrates seamlessly within existing Onna workflows for discovery, searches, holds, and exports.

Professional Development Services

Do you have an in-house development team that would benefit from working with Onna? Use this service if you want to develop with the Platform API in-house, but want a bit of hands-on support to get up to speed. Professional Service Consultants are available to support project planning, design, guidance, and implementation review to ensure your solution is built with Platform API best practices.

  • Expert Consulting

    Onna advisory for your in-house development team.

    With Site Manager, you can effortlessly conduct data segregation by function or department. By removing the operational inefficiencies and barriers of the past, your team can focus on growing your business.

  • Full Custom Development

    We can develop a custom solution to meet your needs

    Do you want to collect data from legacy systems like storage or email servers, in-house applications, or other commercial systems that you’d like to retire? Onna Professional Services delivers custom-built solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. Our team will design, develop, and deliver bespoke solutions.

  • API-Powered Services

    Explore our portfolio of services

    Are there other critical applications you would like Onna to collect data from? Our Platform API powers an entire portfolio of Professional Service offerings built to address the needs of many customers — like Contract Discovery, File Data Migration, and Message Archive Migration.

Developer Resources

Our resources are the best way to learn about the Platform API, and everything we have to help developers get started today.