eDiscovery and information governance for Microsoft Teams

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    icon-osterman-researchOrganizations are embracing modern tools like Microsoft Teams for collaboration, raising significant eDiscovery and information governance challenges for organizations.

    In this report, Osterman Research assesses these challenges and provides actionable insights.

    Their analysis highlights:

    • The extent to which organizations are adopting new tools for collaboration
    • How accessing data in these tools has become a common occurrence
    • The gaps in native eDiscovery capabilities offered by Microsoft
    • How third-party eDiscovery and information governance solutions can fill these gaps

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    Onna eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams


    Accessing, collecting, and exporting data from Microsoft Teams (and all of your other apps) shouldn't require juggling multiple eDiscovery solutions, spending thousands of dollars, or waiting weeks for results. Onna eDiscovery enables the rapid identification, defensible collection, preservation, and search of data from Microsoft and other popular cloud applications in one centralized platform.

    With our Microsoft Teams connector, you can extend collections across the entire scope of Microsoft Teams instant messaging, including one-to-one chats, group chats, and channel messages, along with any shared attachments, reactions, and emojis. This includes messages from custodians who have been inactive in a Teams chat or channel. With an intuitive self-service experience, Onna requires minimal training — reducing the load on IT teams, speeding up early case assessment, and driving down review costs.

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