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Onna integrates workplace knowledge platforms together, allowing anyone to - for the first time - unify, protect, search, automate and build on top of an organisation’s proprietary knowledge.

About Onna

Companies and individuals are using more and more cloud-based and hosted apps. You’ve got G-Suite, Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox - the list goes on. On average, companies use 88 apps to power daily workflows, a 21% increase from three years ago. This means that knowledge (a company’s core IP) is fragmented across organizations, slowing down search, performance, productivity and complicating compliance issues.

So why don’t people and organizations have a way of creating one single source of truth to give them control over their knowledge and enable them to do more with it?

Onna integrates workplace knowledge platforms together, allowing anyone to - for the first time - unify, protect, search, automate and build on top of an organization’s proprietary knowledge. It doesn’t matter if companies are integrating knowledge from 20 applications or 200.

They can also build on top of Onna through integrations to cloud tools or the addition of ML models. Finally, Onna uses machine learning to help companies discover smarter and can help power data-led automation on issues from compliance to HR. What does that mean simply?

Possibilities for enterprises using a Knowledge Integration Platform like Onna include eDiscovery, internal investigations, information governance, enterprise search, archiving, and building bespoke internal workflow apps using proprietary information. For small businesses, using Onna can drive individual and team productivity by reducing time wasted looking for information.

With headquarters based in New York City & Barcelona and offices in Raleigh, Toulouse & London, Onna is working with some of the world’s most sophisticated companies including Facebook, Electronic Arts, Fitbit, Slack, and Dropbox. To date, Onna has also raised a total of $43M from investors including Atomico, Dawn Capital, Dropbox, and Slack Fund, and by 2025, Onna will be the core of any individual or company’s knowledge infrastructure.


Knowledge Integration Platform (KIP) is a new category of company that helps enterprises make full use of their entire proprietary knowledge through integration of multiple workplace cloud or on-premise platforms while making sure that data is protected in the hands of the concerned person or organization. This enables multiple new applications and use cases, from insights and discovery to enhanced compliance and the ability to build entirely new applications on top of your existing information.

We describe knowledge-based information as anything that is based around human context, input and collaboration, including text, documents, pictures, contracts, articles, emails, chats and contextualised employee performance information. Given the rise of cloud-based and hosted apps, this knowledge base is extremely fragmented in most companies, leaving millions of dollars of value on the table. While obviously useful for IT professionals and CIOs for data protection and compliance, KIP is predominantly aimed at empowering knowledge workers by giving them instant access to an entire organization's knowledge and enabling them to use it in new and intuitive ways.

Salim Elkhou

Founder Story

Salim Elkhou, Founder and CEO

Salim Elkhou has over 15 years experience in the technology space.
He started a successful eDiscovery business, eStet, a service provider acquired by EY, that created custom technology solutions to enhance the litigation strategy of corporations, AmLaw 100 firms, and boutique law firms. In 2015, he realized that a technology-based solution was needed to address the growing discovery problem at scale and founded Onna.

Throughout his career, Salim recognized a gap with the rise in popularity of cloud-based and hosted enterprise apps. He saw that knowledge can become quickly fragmented, making search between applications manual and time-consuming, and slowing down overall performance and productivity. Risk and compliance issues get tougher too, especially given the fact that many governments are strengthening regulations. So, Salim started Onna with a mission to make the totality of people and organizations’ proprietary knowledge accessible, useful and secure.

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