Google Workspace

    Capture data from business Google Workspace accounts, including Gmail, Drive, and Shared Drives.

    About this connector

    Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) packs Google’s set of web-based communication and collaboration apps into one product. Onna connects securely with Google Workspace’s API to integrate with an organization’s Gmail, Drive, and Shared Drives.

    With Onna + Google Workspace connector, you can:

    OOB Google

    Connect out-of-the-box

    Leverage a no-code, simple UI that helps you get started quickly and easily without needing IT resources.

    Google Custom Collection

    Customize to your needs

    Perform case-specific collections, capture future users and content, auto-sync, and archive Google Workspace data.


    Work faster

    Utilize federated search to surface specific content from Gmail accounts, Google Drive, and Shared Drives.


    Capture context

    Collect and visualize message metadata, including: to and from, BCC and CC, subject, and message ID.


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