Getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams data


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    ms-icon-1Microsoft Teams is one of the most heavily used modern collaboration apps with 270 million daily active users — a jump from 145 million in 2021. Communications within Teams allow users to collaborate through chat functions, audio/video meetings, cloud-based calling, file sharing, and 3rd party integrated apps. With different types of data stored across the M365 environment, understanding the ins and outs of Teams data is a critical step toward effective information governance, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, data retention, and eDiscovery collections.

    Microsoft joins Onna to discuss the key aspects of data management in Microsoft Teams, along with approaches and best practices for Teams governance and discovery.

    In this session, we cover:

    • Microsoft Teams data — where it's stored and why it matters
    • Purview as a native solution for data discovery, compliance, and information governance
    • Advanced capabilities via Onna and MSFT Graph APIs to CC
    • Microsoft Teams' data retention capabilities and best practices for setting retention policies and eDiscovery holds



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    Featured speakers

    Hammad Rajjoub

    Director of Product Strategy and Marketing Management, Microsoft

    Doug Austin

    Director of Product Strategy and Marketing Management, Microsoft

    Gabriel Bustos

    Senior Product Manager, Onna

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