GDPR compliance in the modern workplace

Quickly respond to subject access requests by centralizing disparate data silos for efficient search.

A True Enterprise Product

Collect and centralize data across platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail to stay compliant with updated policies and regulations like GDPR. Keep audit logs of all your processing activities for security and accountability.

Data Discovery

Collect from some of the most common enterprise applications like Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail to name a few. Quickly process and centralize data across multiple applications for faster search when responding to subject access requests.

eDiscovery Processing

A robust processing pipeline automatically indexes 1000+ file types within each data source creating a fully searchable environment. Quickly respond to subject access requests by searching across multiple repositories.

Defensible Archiving

By connecting directly with each source’s API, Onna preserves not only the data, but also all related metadata for each file. Preserve and archive data from multiple platforms on one interface. Even if users delete or modify files, you will maintain an original, defensible copy on Onna.

Multi-Language Recognition

Onna processes and indexes all languages with scripts in unicode, so you can collect and search content in any language and foreign characters.

Smart Alerts

Use regular expressions to identify patterns. Build custom alerts to notify you when these patterns match PII/PHI/PCI across your enterprise data sources.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to filter and digest large amounts of data. Bring consistent internal classification rules across your data for more accurate search results.