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Unify, protect, search, automate and build on top of your organization's propietary knowledge.

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Connect everything

API - Based Connections

We offer connections to the most popular collaboration & productivity tools, ensuring you extract all available data and metadata, as well as preserve edited and deleted content to give you full context into your organizational knowledge.

Classify and secure your data

Machine Learning

We process your data in real-time and enrich it with machine learning and natural language processing, including entity detection, image recognition, object recognition and more. We automatically tag file types to help you identify key information instantaneously.


Your trust and data security are central to everything we do at Onna. We are cloud agnostic, we offer internal controls and permissions as well as a world class security architecture including encryption and OAuth protocol to connect to third parties. Get insight into your data in a secure and private environment.

Unlock the power of your knowledge

  • Centralize

    Get real-time access to all the information from your various knowledge applications in one place. Include documents, pictures, contracts, articles, emails, chats and more.

  • Manage

    Understand the contents of your unstructured data, classify it automatically in pre-trained categories and retain only the information you need.

  • Search

    Conduct targeted searches across all of your knowledge, regardless of where it is stored. Reduce cost and time for discovery, or compile information for due-diligence, M&A and more.

  • Share & Collaborate

    Create a collaboration space and invite people from your team or external collaborators. Use customizable access levels to share relevant data with team- members or with external collaborators with utmost privacy.

  • Automate actions and alerts

    Get alerted when your data violates specific rules and define actions to be automatically performed when there is an alert match.

  • Build on Onna

    Build your own connector, develop your own application on top of our open API or plug in your own machine learning algorithms to our Knowledge Integration Platform.

Key Solutions

  • Information Governance

    Maintain global data compliance for ever increasing policies & regulation, and ensure data protection while building a centralized database.

  • Preservation and Archiving

    Retain all the data you need and nothing you don’t. Archiving powered by machine learning technologies for your entire tech stack to centralize & automate the retention of all your key data.

  • eDiscovery

    Connect your knowledge for eDiscovery. Defensibly collect from popular applications, like Slack, GSuite, Microsoft Products, Atlassian products, and more, automatically. Find the information you’re looking for no matter where it lives.

Our Knowledge Integration Platform

Integrate any number of our connectors to automatically process, classify, and secure your information in one place, enabling you to utilize your information in new and intuitive ways.