Core Features

Connect your disparate data silos and manage your information in a centralized platform.

Integrations to popular applications, like Slack and Confluence, let you conduct real-time discovery, preserve valuable information, and be notified of key data being created across your organization regardless of where it’s stored.

API-Based Integrations

Onna connects directly with the API for each data source and gathers all available data and metadata, including edits and deletions when available, to ensure defensibility and authenticity. Our out-of-the-box integrations to popular applications, like GSuite, Zendesk, or Slack, mean that you can start your e-discovery collections and search immediately on our platform.

Onna’s integration workflow lets you conduct enterprise-wide or granular collections, giving you the flexibility to collect and search exactly what you need in real-time.

eDiscovery Grade Processing Engine

Onna can process 1000+ supported file formats, including images, video and audio files. Embedded items up to 15 levels are extracted from each file.

Onna’s OCR automatically scans and extracts text from images and PDFs. Onna also supports de-duplication and deNISTing.

Each document is processed through layers of machine learning to extract rich metadata, making the content discoverable.

All exceptions during processing are categorized as files with no text content, encrypted, and files with other errors.


A True Enterprise Product

In addition to our API-based eDiscovery collections and processing across all of our supported integrations, Onna offers the following features.


Deep Dive Search

Find exactly what you are looking for. Use text modifiers, run proximity searches, or build complex boolean searches for granular collections.

Custom Classifiers

Build custom classifiers or use our built-in machine learning categories to identify certain types of files, like contracts, across your enterprise data.


Smart Notifications

Set up smart alerts to notify you and your team whenever important terms or PII/PHI/PCI are found across your enterprise data.


Create a workspace and invite internal and external users to share data and collaborate on any type of discovery request in real-time.

Archive Sync

Preserve and archive data from multiple platforms on one interface. Even if users delete or modify files, you will maintain an original, defensible copy on Onna.

eDiscovery Exports

Export native file productions as a custom load file (eDiscovery format) to continue your review in all major platforms for a seamless experience.


Multi-Language Recognition

Onna processes and indexes all languages with scripts in unicode, so you can collect and search content in any language and foreign characters.

Single Sign-On/SAML

Onna offers a Single Sign On (SSO) integration through SAML 2.0 allowing you to leverage your existing user base and authentication mechanism.

Audit Logs

Onna maintains a comprehensive audit trial of collection and preservation activities, so you can have a defensible process at all times.

Lightning Fast Search

After data is collected, it immediately goes through our processing pipeline, so you can start searching data within minutes.

Scalable Architecture

Onna leverages the latest containerization system technologies and orchestrated deployment systems to ensure our platform scales with you.

Global Deployments

Onna is a global solution. As long as you are in a country that allows for access to Google Cloud or AWS, you will be able to access our platform.

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