Data and AI Ethics Statement

We are committed to the highest ethical standards of data stewardship, privacy, and the trustworthy development of technology. It’s built into every facet of our organization. It’s how we work, day in and day out.

Earning your trust is at the very foundation of our operations. As a knowledge integration platform, we work with proprietary and often highly sensitive data and we create digital products, using artificial intelligence, to analyze that data. Working with customer data means we have a lot of responsibility. We are deeply committed to being ethical stewards of your data and aim, in all of our operations, to go above and beyond your expectations.

Every member of our team must deliberate, decide, and act with that mission in mind. But more than that: systematically and sustainably achieving the highest ethical standards requires organizational structure. It’s something we must do together. That means baking ethical values into operations, into product development and deployment, into our relationships with our clients, investors, and other partners. It means seeing our values in our actions.

We think about our responsibilities along three dimensions: Data Ethics, AI Ethics, and Our Partnerships

Data Ethics in Action

Privacy, accountability, and security are foundational to how we collect, store, and analyze user data.

  • We will never monetize your data. We will never collect personal data without your permission. We will protect who has access to your data, and we will comply with all regulations that protect your data in the countries in which we operate.
  • Every member of our team will take an active role in the ethical stewardship of your data and a senior executive will be accountable for growing this culture; ethics doesn’t work without ownership.
  • We will lead the industry in applying the best cybersecurity practices to protect your data and will always look for any attempts to maliciously undermine trust because securing your data is of the utmost importance.

Ethical AI in Action

How we will develop, deploy, and maintain trustworthy AI and other digital products.

  • We will systematically engage in rigorous ethical analyses throughout production, including identifying and mitigating the risks of biased algorithms, unexplainable outputs, and privacy violations. The highest ethical standards will be baked into product development.
  • We will communicate any ethical risks of our products to you, should there be any, and we will recommend ethical best practices for their deployment.
  • We will monitor the impacts of our products with an eye towards discovering their unintended consequences.

Ethical Partnerships in Action

How we will partner with individuals and organizations that are aligned with our values.

  • We will not partner with an organization – be it a private entity, government, or investor – that requires us to violate our commitment to protect, keep private, and use data in ethical ways.
  • We will always protect the privacy and security of information even in the event of a merger, acquisition, takeover, or dissolution.
  • We will be transparent and communicate in plain language how our ethical practices scale with our company. We recognize that we will never be “done” with ethics. It is something we will continually weave into our practice to achieve our goal of being unquestionably trustworthy.