Speed up early case assessment and drive down eDiscovery review costs

Pinpoint the information that matters across multiple cloud apps with defensible data collection, preservation, and processing.

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The eDiscovery challenge of app proliferation

Using best-of-breed cloud apps to communicate and collaborate boosts team productivity, but creates scattered information silos. This makes it difficult, time-consuming, and costly to discover data for litigation and investigations — which increases legal and organizational risk.

Centralized eDiscovery that cuts time and review costs

With Onna, you don’t have to choose between the apps you want and the eDiscovery functionality you need. Onna eDiscovery enables the rapid identification, defensible collection, and preservation of data from today’s most popular cloud applications in one centralized Knowledge Integration Platform. By aggregating information, organizing it intelligently using ML-driven processing, and rendering it in near native format, you can quickly and confidently find and export only what you need.

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Why Onna for eDiscovery

  • Reduced data volume

    Export precisely what’s needed to outside counsel, with a unique combination of API-based collections, fast and accurate search, and machine learning data enrichment for more effective ECA.

  • Instant case assessment

    Pinpoint what’s relevant faster to inform case strategy and investigations with instant case assessment powered by a search-ready archive. Collect and process data once, search and use many times.

  • Defensible collections

    Minimize legal risks by forensically collecting all your data and metadata from the original source, extracting all embedded links and attachments, and preserving files in their native format.

  • Broad application support

    Connect to 30+ of the most popular cloud applications, including traditionally harder-to-capture sources like Slack, Jira and Confluence.

  • Open API

    Integrate with any application, bring your own machine learning model to classify information, and build applications and workflows of your own.

  • Rapid time to value

    Built in the cloud, for the cloud. Get up and running in hours, not days or months, and deliver value fast.

Key capabilities

  • Early case assessment

    Zero-in on the exact data you need with precise search and advanced processing, including pre-trained content categories, native format viewing, filtering, and tagging.

  • Targeted search

    Automatic data processing and optical character recognition mean you can perform more targeted and complete searches across all of your connected sources.

  • Defensible preservation

    At the click of a button, apply preservation for legal holds across multiple custodians and apps to ensure data is held in Onna, even if removed or deleted from the source.

  • Secure collaboration

    Assign granular user permissions to internal stakeholders, outside counsel, and service providers in real-time to only share what’s relevant.

  • API Based Connections

    Out-of-the-box integrations to 30+ of the most popular cloud apps, ensuring you extract all available data and metadata, and preserve edited and deleted content.

  • Review-ready exports

    View clean, comprehensive data exports, including metadata, in your chosen review platform with customizable export options that include direct transfer of data to a specified cloud location.

Supported Connectors

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What industry experts are saying

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    “Onna is the most robust, modern, easy-to-use eDiscovery product we've evaluated.”

    Jason Spinell | Director, The Slack Fund
  • “Onna does a great job of highlighting surrounding conversations in Slack that you might’ve not known to look for…”

    Aaron Zander | Head of IT, HackerOne
  • Dropbox Logo

    “It’s really a night and day difference in how quickly we can react, how agile we can be…”

    Wendy Weber | Senior Paralegal for Employment, Litigation, and eDiscovery, Dropbox

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