Quick, reliable, and defensible eDiscovery for today's enterprises

    Improve legal outcomes with Onna. Rapidly pinpoint the most relevant information by streamlining your collections, ECA, legal holds, and investigations.

    The unstructured data solution

    A complete picture of your digital workplace data

    According to the latest State of the Industry report from eDiscovery Today, nearly 90% of corporate respondents are required to collect collaboration data in some or all of their cases. Onna enables you to effortlessly gather, analyze, and act on all your data without requiring IT involvement. By viewing data in context, including attachments, reactions, and metadata, you can gain new insights for your business.

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    Cut review costs by 50%

    Review is the most expensive part of eDiscovery. Onna's focus on the left side of the EDRM means that we are dedicated to capturing any and all data and providing tools that empower corporate legal teams to quickly and easily cull data down to the most responsive data set. This smaller, more targeted data set is then ready for eyes-on review, which, being smaller, can be completed much faster and at a significantly lower cost.

    A quote from a Senior Litigation Paralegal about Onna transforming eDiscovery and reducing costs by 50%.


    Why Onna?

    Build a data foundation for your digital workplace. Centralize and seamlessly search across apps, uncover insights, and strategize effectively. Here’s how the Onna difference propels your legal organization’s eDiscovery results.

    Accelerate your time to value

    Save time. Reduce cost. Right away.

    Onna works seamlessly in the cloud. Start your eDiscovery work within hours, not days or months. Advance your eDiscovery processing and indexing as you go, and watch your return on investment accelerate.

    Curate relevant data

    No more wasting money downstream

    Don’t wade through nonessential data. Onna uses advanced machine learning to drive more effective and efficient Early Case Assessment. Defensibly collect data from across your digital workplace. Search swiftly and confidently. Then let Onna help you tell the complete story within your responsive and targeted data set. 

    Collect with confidence

    Use Onna's out-of-the-box connectors

    Easily collect data from popular cloud applications with an extensive library of pre-built, no-code, and ready-to-use connectors. Unlock even the trickiest of unstructured data sources like Slack, Teams, and Zendesk.

    Capture what you need

    Collect data defensibly

    Onna helps you minimize your legal risk by forensically targeting relevant data and capturing the details within the data (metadata, attachments, and embedded links) with ease. Preserve everything in a near-native format, while being supported by a fully defensible, comprehensive audit log.

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    Extend your platform

    Adapt using Onna's Platform API

    Integrate with virtually any application. Securely and confidently consolidate all your data into a single platform. Create custom applications and workflows to streamline your processes. And connect challenging, obscure data to the rest of your digital workplace. Onna makes it happen.

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    Confidence through capabilities


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