What the future holds for contract discovery and optimization


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    icon-contractContracts are the lifeblood of business, but many organizations don’t know what’s in them or where to find them. According to EY, 90% of organizations report having difficulty locating their contracts.

    They are often “lost” or hidden across multiple repositories, folders, and cloud apps, leading to blind spots that expose operational and compliance risks, create unnecessary re-work and make implementing an effective contract management system virtually impossible.

    In this webinar, we cover:

    • Lack of contract management’s effect on business
    • Simple steps to migrate toward complete visibility into where contracts are stored within the enterprise
    • How to efficiently centralize, cull, and classify large volumes of contracts spread across workplace applications
    • How customers are using Onna as part of their M&A process to identify, centralize, and discover knowledge within contracts as part of due diligence and post-acquisition.


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    Featured speakers

    Gretchen Bahkhai

    SVP Global Client Service & Support, Knowable

    Kevin Cox

    Lead Solutions Architect, Onna

    Eddie Salce

    Professional Services Architect, Onna

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