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Our new Microsoft OneDrive connector offers flexible ways to collect — like one-time and recurring options — for Microsoft data, and robust native search, review, and share capabilities.

Onna connects directly with OneDrive to collect all file data and metadata in native format from an entire company’s OneDrive account (enterprise) and/or specific user accounts.

With Onna + Microsoft OneDrive connector, you can:

  • Leverage a no-code, simple UI that helps you get started quickly and easily without needing IT resources
  • Save money with no-cost access and use of our connector, and the ability to enable non-technical users
  • Utilize smart search to surface specific content from individual or multiple custodians in a single collection — including files and documents
  • Collect and visualize detailed metadata, including file creation and last modified date, document path, and file creator to use in searches
  • Complement your Purview instance, workflow, and process to make collection and discovery more efficient

How Onna works with OneDrive plans


Have an individual OneDrive account? Our standard OneDrive connection is ideal for personal knowledge management and search, allowing users to connect their individual OneDrive accounts to Onna.

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OneDrive Enterprise

Our Enterprise OneDrive connection unlocks Onna’s full enterprise-readiness features. This connector is ideal for users who need complete visibility into their organization’s OneDrive activity.

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