Loaded with intricate, multi-faceted functions to boost productivity, Slack has certainly changed the way we work for the better. The more dynamic Slack’s workflows and integrations get, however, the more complex its data becomes. And with the widespread adoption of remote work and uptick in Slack usage over the past year, we can no longer ignore the question of how to manage it.

    Having a tool that enables you to find, control, and utilize your Slack data is crucial, even beyond eDiscovery purposes. In this webinar, we discuss why organizations should leverage technology to streamline eDiscovery, legal holds, information governance, and privacy for Slack — and how to do it. 

    In 60 minutes, we’re covering:

    • A proactive vs. reactive approach 
    • How to capture Slack data in its native format
    • The benefits of advanced searches across multiple workspaces
    • Preserving and archiving for Slack communications 
    • The different options for Slack eDiscovery 

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