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Webinar: Data Governance, Compliance, and Retention

Due to a massive uptick in remote work, our reliance on cloud-based apps is higher than ever before. Forced to rapidly adopt new platforms, organizations everywhere have evaluated data governance requirements on a condensed timeline. Quickened evaluations mixed with an explosion of data puts organizations at greater risk, leaving them to wonder — what have I missed? In the words of one of our speakers, Sharika de Freitas, “There will be an information governance debt to pay,” urging organizations to “start now while interest rates are low.” 

Joined by Sharika de Freitas, Sr. Manager of Discovery Solutions & Technology at ViacomCBS, Terry Ellis, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Box, and our very own Head of Client Success, Nicole Thompson, this 60-minute webinar explores how to better govern your data through smart retention policies, reliable security procedures, and robust search capabilities.

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Our Main Takeaways

  • When it comes to the rapid adoption and expansion of new licenses, information governance is paramount. 
  • Ask yourself which applications you can consolidate and integrate with. A lot of these applications overlap in functionality, it’s best to stick to one solution where you can.
  • The key to regulatory complexity is visibility — integrating with other tools will help you do that.
  • Scalable search is the dream in terms of governing in-house information. But to get there, you need to centralize it all. Integrate with best-in-breed applications to collect, process, and index data and metadata.
  • Future-proofing your enterprise data can ensure business continuity for internal infrastructure and operation controls, encourage collaborations of teams, and help manage partner/vendor infrastructure.
  • Content may only have value for a certain period of time but it always has risk — the key is creating smart policies that strike a balance between keeping and deleting. Companies who do this will see a huge advantage compared to those who take the traditional “hold on to everything” approach. A few things to bear in mind: 
  1. The more content you keep that has no relevance, the more money you are paying to preserve, collect, and analyze valueless content.
  2. The time you spend looking for content also has a productivity price to pay.
  3. Laws are starting to shift and mandate that you get rid of content (GDPR & CCPA) therefore, it needs to be discoverable.
  • Apply policies at the corporate level to restrict what the end-user can do. This way, you don’t need to worry about users forgetting certain guidelines or seeing different results from a seasoned user. Policies ensure consistency across the board.
  • Use data and metrics from this work-from-home period to inform your policies moving forward. While we don’t know how long this will last, it’s a great time to address potential weaknesses, be proactive by adopting best-in-breed tools, and become better in the long run.

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