The way we work is shifting rapidly. Teams across the globe are operating remotely, and cloud-based collaboration and communication tools are becoming commonplace. This is posing new challenges for legal teams dealing with eDiscovery, especially in heavily regulated industries like pharma, automotive, and fintech where the standards for data management, security, and privacy are high.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss the new eDiscovery landscape. What are the risks we’re seeing for data collection and compliance? What should you be considering when implementing new cloud tools? How do you ensure efficiency for your organization while meeting regulatory requests? Watch our webinar, featuring Brad Schaffel eDiscovery & Litigation Support Manager, Sullivan & Cromwell and Kyle Kelly Sr. eDiscovery & Litigation Support Specialist at Coinbase, to find out – or read our key takeaways below. 

    Our key takeaways

    • If you’re working in the cloud, host your data on a private cloud to ensure higher security. 
    • Communication is key when implementing new cloud tools. Identify stakeholders and allies in your organizations to understand the organizations’ needs as a whole (and possibly, get aid to buy). 
    • There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cloud tools. You need to consider and weigh the needs of all stakeholders and allies, and think about what success looks like on an organizational level. 
    • Get in the driver seat in conversations with vendors to fully understand the needs and the value. Be intentional with your questions – what are your retention needs? What are the security certifications? How will this application scale with your organization? 
    • Understand where your data is from the get go, and monitor it regularly. Information governance and data hygiene is key in compliance. 
    • Meet regulated requests even if you don’t have regulators knocking at your door. If you’re not prepared beforehand, you’re already too late. 

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