Organizations can now manage the entire legal hold process — from identification to notification to release — directly within the Onna platform.

    At Onna, we're committed to providing teams with the tools they need to manage and access their data efficiently, reliably, and securely. Today, we're excited to introduce the latest addition to the Onna platform: Integrated Legal Holds. This powerful new feature is designed to simplify complex legal hold workflows, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and seamless collaboration between IT and legal teams alike. No more manual tracking of emails or error-prone spreadsheets — just legal holds made simple.

    Why we built Integrated Legal Holds

    Customers often turn to legal hold software because they're tired of these pain points:

    • Difficulty in tracking and ensuring compliance with active legal holds across multiple custodians.
    • Manual and fragmented processes that lead to oversights and potential spoliation of evidence.
    • Inefficiencies in notifying, reminding, and releasing custodians from holds, causing unnecessary business disruptions.

    However, many market offerings are saturated with additional features, driving up costs and potentially serving as excess for some users. Our goal was to strike the right balance between ease of use and genuine business value. So, we developed a solution that’s scalable, defensible, cost-effective, and integrates seamlessly with the Onna platform.

    With Integrated Legal Holds, Onna customers can:

    • Preserve data at its source, simplifying data management and reducing potential risks
    • Draft, schedule, send, and track notifications all within a single interface, driving prompt communication and seamless information exchange
    • Manage, edit, and assign custodians directly to matters, which streamlines administrative processes and enhances accuracy
    • Utilize a comprehensive dashboard and reporting tools to quickly view all matters, holds, and custodian statuses, ensuring compliance and holistic oversight
    • Significantly boost operational efficiency by using a unified workflow that spans the initial stages of EDRM, from information governance right through to data processing

    Currently, Integrated Legal Holds supports Slack and Google Workspace, with support for Microsoft 365 and others coming soon.

    Ready to streamline your legal hold process?

    Integrated Legal Holds is now available to all Onna customers. Contact your Onna representative today to learn how you can get started.

    Not using Onna yet? Contact us today to see Onna in action and learn how Integrated Legal Holds can simplify your eDiscovery processes.

    Learn more about Integrated Legal Holds.

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