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Confidently find, access and preserve the information you need in one place.

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The way we work today creates archiving challenges

Today's workforce generates a colossal amount of data across multiple cloud apps, making it increasingly difficult to keep track of the records you need for regulatory, operational, privacy, and legal purposes. The longer it takes to find information, the greater the costs and risk.

A modern cloud archive for all your application data

Onna's Knowledge Integration Platform enables you to automatically capture cloud app data in a centralized, real-time, search-ready archive. Machine learning helps transform data into usable knowledge, while preservation and retention policies mean you can keep exactly what you need for as long as required.

Why Onna for Archiving

  • Centralized automated retention

    A single, multi-source archive repository with out-of-the-box connectors to the most popular cloud apps.

  • Boost efficiency

    IT has just one place to search to satisfy information requests.

  • Reduce risk

    A separate source of easily searchable and exportable application data that can be retained for a defined period.

  • Self-service

    An intuitive search experience helps legal, HR and other teams quickly find what they need while protecting data privacy.

  • Support migrations

    Move data from unwanted applications into Onna for ease of access, or export to a new system.

  • Built in the cloud, for the cloud

    Achieve rapid time to value, and ensure support for the latest cloud apps.

Key capabilities

  • Real-time, search-ready data

    Instant access to a real-time, fully indexed archive repository for eDiscovery and investigations — collect once, use again and again.

  • Accuracy and defensibility

    Preserve data and track all source edits and deletions for a defensible record of communications.

  • Context awareness

    The context of messages and conversations is maintained to help pinpoint what's most relevant.

  • Protect against primary data loss

    A full archive of data, including edits, helps protect against accidental or malicious primary application data loss or deletion.

  • Simple exports

    Pinpoint the data needed and export with ease to use in downstream tools such as review and compliance apps.

  • Proactive alerting

    Automatically uncover undesirable conversations and sharing of sensitive or critical data.

Supported Connectors

Onna Connectors

What industry experts are saying

  • “Onna does a great job of highlighting surrounding conversations in Slack that you might’ve not known to look for…”

    Aaron Zander | Head of IT, HackerOne
  • “Better now has a go-to solution to conduct faster, more comprehensive investigations.”

    Jeff White | Lead SOC Analyst, Better.com
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    “We love how Onna uses AI to help us improve information search across multiple platforms.”

    Lev Finkelstein | VP of Corporate Finance & Strategy, Dropbox

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