Zeroing in on Zendesk: Collecting data and metadata for eDiscovery and compliance

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    Over 200,000 companies use Zendesk to drive better customer experiences. Featuring a fully integrated ticketing system and generative AI-powered bots, Zendesk helps businesses automate and strengthen their support efforts with a complete customer service solution.

    As more companies turn to Zendesk to enhance their customer experience, the volume and complexity of data also increase. A single Zendesk ticket can contain sensitive communications, attachments, and personal information relevant for legal and regulatory purposes. This has made having an efficient method to identify and extract pertinent Zendesk data a growing priority for many companies.

    In this webinar, we explore:

    • Zendesk's functionality and the different types of data it stores
    • How to use Zendesk's API to collect and archive Zendesk data
    • Exporting Support Ticket data in a review-ready format with Onna
    • Key considerations for creating a flexible Zendesk eDiscovery strategy for your business

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    Featured Speaker

    Steven Flores

    Technical Account Manager