Unpacking the complexities of data collection for Jira and Confluence

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    Confluence and Jira, both developed by Atlassian, have become essential tools in the modern workplace, enabling teams to organize and streamline their workflow by integrating disparate information into a single source of truth. 

    Despite their benefits, the unstructured data generated by these platforms presents significant challenges for eDiscovery teams. Traditional eDiscovery tools are equipped to handle structured data from databases and emails, not wikis, discussions, screenshots, and other project documentation that are commonly stored in Confluence and Jira. As the volume of such unstructured data grows, organizations must develop effective strategies and adopt appropriate technologies to efficiently collect, process, and produce this data for early case assessment, investigations, and litigation.

    This webinar will explore:

    • The unique features of Jira and Confluence
    • Specific challenges associated with collecting data from these platforms
    • A live demonstration of Onna for comprehensive data collection from Confluence, Jira, and other enterprise applications

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    Featured Speaker

    Allison Keane

    Manager - Solution Architects, Onna